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When looking for tile installation services in the Las Vegas area, we’re the right tile installation company for you. Homeowners and businesses alike rely on Tile Installation Las Vegas for all of their tile related needs.

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    The Best Tile Contractor in Las Vegas

    Tile Installation Las Vegas have been providing Las Vegas NV and its surrounding area with high quality tile installation services. With many years of experience in tile installation in Las Vegas, rest assured that your tile installation will be handled by a team of trained experts. We are licensed, bonded and insured, serving both residential and commercial customers.


    Get your floor or walls tiled provides easy maintenance and is great for allergy sufferers as it will never trap dust, pollen or pet dander. There are many different flooring options such as:


    • Ceramic tiles
    • Porcelain tiles
    • Stone tiles
    • Mosaics tiles
    • Slate tiles
    • Granite tiles
    • Travertine tiles
    • Marble tiles
    • and many more.

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    We bring any project to life and offer full service options.

    Tile Flooring

    Many homeowners prefer tiles, as they are the easiest choice when looking for an easy to maintain, water-resistant, affordable and durable flooring. Tile flooring are very versatile, making it a popular choice for homeowners and even business owners.


    Tile Backsplash

    Tile backsplash are commonly installed behind the kitchen counters and stove, and also the bathroom sinks. Having a tile backsplash will protect your wall from stains and moisture in high-use areas of the home, this makes cleaning an easier task and the walls will last much longer.


    Tile Shower

    The shower area in constantly wet when in use, and when you stand in them during a shower, you may also want to consider the texture of the surface to ensure it’s not a slipping hazard. You may want to tile the floor of your shower to match the walls or bathroom floor tile, adding durability and ease of maintenance.


    Tile Repair

    If you’re in need of a tile repair, Tile Installation Las Vegas is ready to help you repair cracked, broken or loose tiles by replacing them with new tiles. Our trained professionals will replace tiles in your home or business, restoring your floors and walls to their original beauty.


    Tile Design & Ideas

    Consult with our specialists to get the tile design of your dreams, we can recommend your preferred specifications to your style. We can also mix and match high-end materials like stone and marble with durable and less expensive options like ceramic to elevate the overall look and cut costs.


    Heated Tile Floors

    Heated tiles can be an option for chilly spaces in your home, it is also overall a smart strategy for heating your entire house. Although it is a rather costly option, heated tile floors are proven to be more cost-efficient in the long run which is why it is an often-requested upgrade for new homes.


    Expert Tile Contractor Company in Las Vegas, NV

    Tile Installation Las Vegas have been proudly serving Las Vegas and the surrounding area for more than two decades, providing top quality service and customer satisfaction. We have cultivated a team of professionals in the field that are always ready to use their skills and talents.



    It is our commitment to provide our customers quality yet affordable service. We take the utmost care of your property and make the extra effort to respect your time. Call us today at [PHONE] and our team of experts will assist you in any tile services you need.

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    We strive in providing the best service to our customers in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. Our trained professionals are experienced in tile installations and services, giving you the best possible result.

    High Quality Tile Services

    It is our dedication as a tile services company to superior craftsmanship and precision, our experts works with an eye for detail on every project to make sure that you get durable flooring that lasts for decades to come.

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    Tile Installation Las Vegas guarantees a reliable top of the line service, unmatched customer satisfaction and quality results. If our team underdelivers in any form, we will work to resolve any issues in a prompt manner.

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    The Advantages Of Tile Flooring

    • Water-resistant. Tile flooring have a protective layer on top, making it stain-resistant and water-resistant. This is important in bathrooms and kitchens, as tiles will last much longer than other types of material.

    • Simple to maintain. Tile floors are extremely easy to maintain. You don’t have to invest a lot of time or money in maintenance. When you get a high quality installation done, the tiles can last up to 20 years or even longer.
    • A comfortable temperature. During the summer, concrete floors stay quite cool, which can lead to lower utility bills.
    • Affordable. From a price standpoint, tiles are extremely affordable – especially when you consider how long these floors last.


    We Strive For Satisfaction

    Tile Installation Las Vegas provides the best tile services for both residential and commercial customers in Las Vegas. We have over two decades of experience in the industry to do what it takes to get great results every time. When it comes to customer service and quality, we are by far the best choice.

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